Slide 1

Pressure proof up to
1000 bar / 14503 psi

Stainless steel housing

Sensing face made from
stainless steel or ceramic

Slide 2

Precise metal classification

Dual output - no separate
presence sensor needed

Robust Metal-Face

Slide 3

Starting Ø3 mm thin
Down to 18 mm short

Fully self-contained

Stainless steel housings,
epoxy potting and fiber-glass
reinforced substrates / PCBs

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Temperatures of up to
180 °C / 352 °F permanent

Fully self-contained

All popular sizes from
M8 to M30 available

Slide 3

Resistant to extreme
electromagnetic fields

Reduction Factor 1

Robust Metal-Face

Slide 3

Extra high
measuring distances

temperature stability

Voltage output 10 … 0 V
Current output 20 … 4 mA

Slide 3

Temperatures of up to
150 °C / 302 °F permanent

Fully self-contained

Sensitivity adjustment by
multi-turn potentiometer

Slide 3

Absolute highest sensing
distances in its class

Sensitivity adjustment by
multi-turn potentiometer

Metal, plastic & PTFE housings from Ø6.5 mm … M30


Looking for a new challenge ?

XECRO is currently looking for:

an Electronic Assistant - in Garbsen / Hannover

This employment consists of the following tasks:

English language skills: writing and speaking
comprehending quickly
thorough work methods
designing PCB layouts of different complexity
assembling prototype PCBs
setting-up pick and place machines

Löter / Löterinnen - in Garbsen / Hannover

Diese Tätigkeit erfordert folgende Qualifikationen:

Eine hohe Fingerfertigkeit
Ein gutes Sehvermögen
Sorgfältiges Arbeiten
Organisatorisches Denken