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Pressure proof up to
1000 bar / 14503 psi

Stainless steel housing

Sensing face made from
stainless steel or ceramic

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Precise metal classification

Dual output - no separate
presence sensor needed

Robust Metal-Face

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Starting Ø3 mm thin
Down to 18 mm short

Fully self-contained

Stainless steel housings,
epoxy potting and fiber-glass
reinforced substrates / PCBs

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Temperatures of up to
180 °C / 352 °F permanent

Fully self-contained

All popular sizes from
M8 to M30 available

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Resistant to extreme
electromagnetic fields

Reduction Factor 1

Robust Metal-Face

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Extra high
measuring distances

temperature stability

Voltage output 10 … 0 V
Current output 20 … 4 mA

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Temperatures of up to
150 °C / 302 °F permanent

Fully self-contained

Sensitivity adjustment by
multi-turn potentiometer

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Absolute highest sensing
distances in its class

Sensitivity adjustment by
multi-turn potentiometer

Metal, plastic & PTFE housings from Ø6.5 mm … M30


Who We Are

XECRO is an independent company with more then 20 years of experience in the sensor industry.

As one is one of the leading companies in inductive and capacitive technology, XECRO serves customers in Europe, North and Latin America, Asia, Africa and Middle East.

Due to XECRO's innovations and high standard technology, XECRO is able to produce the thinnest and shortest sensors, quad sensing distances, high pressure, high temperature resistant and ultra metal face proximity switches.

The organization is regulated in accordance with the strict directives of ISO 9001. The production is made by XECRO in Germany and in collaboration with selected strategic production facilities inside the EU.




   Siemensstr. 31
   30827 Garbsen

Represented by

   Karolina Czerwinska




   register court Hannover
   register number 206485